Now that I got my car back, it was high time to hit the gym again.  I have to admit the week without my car, I was a complete bum.  I had every intention to do alternate workouts on the days I normally hit the gym.  I didn’t even manage the workouts I do on non-gym days, or even the nightly stretching I like to do.  I will say I got my walk on.  I walked several miles during the week I was without ride.  And I am grateful that I had been working out before I had to walk everywhere.  I don’t think we would have made the walks that we walked if I hadn’t been already getting myself into better shape.  But walking and really working out are two different things.

My muscles cried out their reluctance to get back in the swing of things as soon as I started the elliptical.  But this time was worse than that first time I got on.  Even though my muscles were in a state of disuse, my body was still in better physical condition, so to keep my pulse at proper workout level, I had to go faster than I did that first time.  It is one level of pain to keep the machine going at the barely 3 mph needed to keep it running.  It is another things to be going 6 mph to get your heart rate up.  (No I did not keep up the 6 mph pace, before too long 4 mph was enough, however, I was able to put in a full hour.) Then came the weight machines.  It was painful.  Seriously, painful, literally and figuratively.  Lifting half the weight I had been lifting a week and a half ago.  Barely being able to eek out twenty reps on obliques.  It was sad.  Let that be a lesson to me.  Don’t quit.  Even if I can’t make it to the gym, I’ve got stuff I can do here, and I need to do that stuff.  This shows me that even if I’m not losing weight or inches, working out is making some sort of difference.  And a difference for the better.  No more being a lazy bum for me.