Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.  I feel as if I should be waxing eloquent about our marriage, our love, and/or all the things the last 11 years have brought us.  But I am just too tired to do our anniversary justice tonight.  I guess being a military wife it’s a good thing I’m not overly tied to dates.  Sure let’s celebrate Christmas the first weekend of December.  Anniversary two weeks late, no problem.  Although, a super busy day and amazing flowers from my husband have sure helped me not have time to reflect on how it sucks that we cannot spend our anniversary together.  I surely give the flowers their credit, they are beautiful and show a wonderful thoughtfulness from my husband that I cherish.  However, the real key keeping me from wallowing would be the busy day.  Because as much as I’m willing to celebrate whenever, I’ll admit that one the days that I haven’t had something to occupy my mind, my lack of Chase was extremely present (Mother’s Day, and by the way, who knew that I was that into being spoiled on Mother’s Day).  I will say quickly that I love my husband and cannot wait to celebrate when he gets home.  Happy anniversary wonderful husband.