R&R is quickly coming, again.  This time I think it’s really gonna happen.  Therefore the preparation for the homecoming is starting all over again.  This time more throughly.  Housecleaning will come in a few days.  Austin’s birthday party being the day I need to get a lot of that done.  Cleaning the car will happen later, it’s hard to wash the car in the rain.  Got the lawn taken care of, a neighbor’s granddaughter wants to earn money and will mow my lawn, as soon as it stops raining.  That leaves making me look amazing for my guy.  Today, I tackled my hair.

I’m bad about getting hair cuts.  No real reason other than what to do with three unruly children while I’m getting my hair cut.  So it’s been at least a year since my last hair cut.  I was in desperate need of a cut.  I was also in need of color.  I normally just use the box, but ever since dying my hair red (several years ago) I haven’t been able to rid myself of the red.  The color from the box also tends to fade quickly, and I want dark hair that stays dark.  So today I jumped in a got it done.

It’s funny, for years I wanted to go into a salon and tell the stylist “Do whatever you think is best.”  No stylist has taken me up on that.  They all want to know what I want.  So this time I looked at picture after picture and finally decided on what I wanted.  Other than deciding on color this stylist took over..And seriously, other than saying I wanted darker and no more red, I didn’t have much input there either.  I was a bit frustrated and was waiting for her to ask what I wanted her to do.  Then, I mustered up some gumption and made a suggestion.  She “mmm”-ed and moved on.  I wasn’t happy until I looked at my hair. The cut and color were perfect.  I looked good.  We’ll have to see if I can re-create what she did.  But with my ends nice and healthy I should be able to do much.  The only thing is, it’s short.  That is short for me, it’s still longer than shoulder-length.  But I go to run my fingers through my hair and it stops.  The shortness is not the stylists fault.  It is the fault of the person who has gone without a hair cut for over a year.  Glad I have a few days to get used to the new length before trying to impress anyone.  (Although, the person I’m trying to impress is easy to impress.)