I’m wondering at what point during the past week I completely lost my ability to reason.  Two important things are happening on the 16th, that needed prior planning and thought, and until today I was totally blowing them off as if they were no big deal.

#1 Austin’s birthday party.  So we planned it out about a month ago.  Presents were ordered two weeks ago (and arrived earlier this week).  Invitations were given, verbal not written (I so totally suck as a party-planning mom this year).  Somehow I thought that would be enough.  Today, suddenly I remember that we might just want to decorate.  I need to do some preparation for some of the games.  We need food to eat.  We need a cake.  With an abundance of kids, paper plates might be nice.  And those presents, they need to be wrapped.  While I admit to be a disorganized disaster, I didn’t think I was really this bad.

#2 Cousin Michelle arriving in town for the day.  She might want to rest in a room not covered in rummage sale items.  She might want a shower in a clean shower, or at least the ability to use a clean toilet.

To top off my total thoughtlessness, it didn’t occur to me that even though both of these things were happening on Saturday, they would happen on the same day.  I know, I’m stunned at my inability to put two and two together as well.

But other than my inability to sleep right now, I think I’m handling the situation quite well.  I had plans with a friend today.  Even with what seems like a mile long to-do list, I didn’t cancel fun.  And I had fun.  I did some party shopping while we were out.  I’m also quite proud that once we were on our way home, I calmly handled matters when my middle child remembered he had left his hat at the restaurant we had just been at.  A detour that cost me about the time of making the guest bed and cleaning the guest bathroom.  I also upheld my motherly responsibilities over my party-planner responsibility.  I did the normal bedtime routine, including an entire chapter of Brisinger (and those chapters tend to be insanely long), instead of skimping on the routine in favor of cleaning.

Then I got to work.  Things were progressing smoothly and getting done.  Until I got to the kitchen.  Then the sink decided it was time for it to acknowledge the deployment by backing up.  This of course happened while I was running the dishwasher.  In our house the pipes to the dishwasher and the sink are connected, so if the sink is backed up, the dishwasher can’t drain.  So the excess water ended up all over my kitchen floor.  I get to spend part of my busy day tomorrow calling the plumber.  Joy.

So party guests, I’m sorry my house is a mess.  Please notice the balloons and crepe paper we will put up tomorrow and not the dust that I have decided can wait (not long, Chase will be home soon, and I have been making sure I have time to get everything perfect for him.  I think the whole R&R thing is where my mind has been and why it hasn’t been on other matter, like a birthday party).  Yeah, snacks and drinks might not be up to my usual par, but I’m still ordering Pizza Man pizza and we do have birthday cake.  Some of the games just won’t get played, but our kids will still have fun anyway.  Michelle, we’ll try to make the best of our time, even if it isn’t quite what either of us had originally planned.  And now I’m gonna go to sleep, gotta get up early to call the plumber.