Chase will be home soon!!  Chase will be home soon!!  Chase will be home soon!!  I am so excited, I’m basically useless today.  It’s all I can think about.

At church, my thoughts were on Chase coming home.  Especially during worship.  Chase is a guy who is very into music.  That very much includes worship music.  So I was thinking off all the cool worship songs I have added to our I-Tunes library that I want to load up on his I-Pod while he’s here.

At the picnic I was thinking about Chase.  I’m sorry if I ignored anyone there, or didn’t fulfill my conversational obligations, but Chase is coming home soon.

At home getting ready to work out, Chase is coming home.  Maybe, he’ll notice that I’ve been working out.

As our donations were getting picked up I was thinking about Chase coming home.  Okay, then I was thinking about all the work I want to do so that Chase will be impressed with all I have done.  But honestly, it’s only a few short days till R&R, our garage will probably be an uber disaster when he comes home.  But it will be roomier with a couple boxed of give a way stuff, and the washer and dryer gone.

As I worked out, I kept up motivation remembering that Chase would be home soon.

And tonight I can hardly think straight or concentrate for thinking that Chase will be home soon.  And that is another reason, along with limited time and needing to prioritize, that not everything will get done before Chase comes home.  I’m so excited, I’m practically useless.