Chase called from Atlanta this morning.  Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!  I can’t contain my excitement about that.  He’s in the states on his way home!!!  I mean, I knew it was coming, but still knowing he’s here and will be home later today (okay, technically early tomorrow, but if I don’t go to bed I still consider it today).

So he’s coming in a bit earlier than I expected.  No problem.  I can work with this.  I’ve got my priorities.  Number one, clean sheets.  I’ve got the time and know they will be appreciated.  Number two, making sweet tea.  Easy enough, until I forgot that when Chase is home, he makes it.  I should pay more attention to how he does it.  He drinks it and likes his own special blend, so I have no clue about certain specifications.  Like how many tea bags to use.  Or how long he leaves it boiling.  Or how long I should leave the tea bags in to steep.  But I got the one cup of sweetener right.  (I hope.)  Next, look as good as possible. That included shower, shave, and curlers.  After that, there’s some grey area, what really would make the most impact before Chase comes home.  I decided that making sure I have less boring errands to run when Chase is here.  So I planned a trip to the dump and the post office.  So my hair was in curlers, but hey, who’s gonna critique my fashion sence at the dump, and the post office was a drive by.  No big deal.  Then I realize that we are in need of dog food.  Today.  Hmm, that requires a trip to a store.  But I’ve got curlers in my hair.  I’ve got some options.  #1 Take curlers out.  But my hair is still wet, so I’ll lose all curl and sexy hair I’d been planning on.  And once I get back from the store, my hair will be nearly dry and won’t have as long in the curlers as they really need.  #2 Go to the store later.  Well, by the time my hair is dry, that is time for Celebrate Recovery at church.  I really want to go to CR, it will keep me sane for a few hours when I’m nearly bursting out of my skin with excitement over Chase going home.  And I don’t want to wait until after CR to go, the kids will need baths and I want to use that time for other purposes.  #3 Go to WalMart.  You hear stories all the time about the weird things people wear to WalMart.  I’ll be the crazy lady in foam curlers today.  So we went.  I’ll admit I got some looks from other shoppers.  But you know what?  I didn’t care.  I knew my priorities, feeding my dog and looking hot for my husband.  What the people at WalMart thought really didn’t register on my radar.  So the next time you see a person looking odd at WalMart, instead of thinking how odd they are, think maybe they have better things in their life than looking good for you.

Anyway, after those things.  I could have spent the day doing other stuff.  But honestly.  Every time I started thinking about cleaning the house, my excitement about Chase coming home went from joy to oeverwhelmedness that twelve hours just wasn’t enough to whip this house into shape.  So I would make myself sit down and concentrate on how excited I am to see my husband and relax.  I’m doing my best to be the wonderful wife my husband is excited to see instead of a crazy lady stressed out about dust that my husband really doesn’t care about.