Life is wonderful in the great state of Alaska.  I am the owner of a new-to-me van, with plans of adding all the bells and whistles my old van had as soon as the shop gets the parts in.  Yes, I’m picky, I want the radio I want and no other will do.  Okay, another would do, but if I can get the one I want, I’m gonna go with that.  My husband is home.  Not only home but he bought me that van, fixed my clogged bathroom sink, is replacing all the burned out lightbulbs (that I honestly hadn’t noticed had burned out), and doing the dishes.  My kids are all happy, and really goofy.  Somehow their dad being around brings out all their silliness.  I’m getting ready for family to come visit.  The sun is shining right now.  All is not only well, but great here.

But at the moment, my heart is heavy.  My hometown is Colorado Springs.  A good portion of my family is out there.  I also still have numerous friends there.  Not in danger yet, but still in the area.  As I look at pictures I can guess where they were taken, being familiar with the area.  I just heard that the Flying W Ranch burned to the ground.  Didn’t go there often, but I loved that place.  Portions of the Air Force Academy have been evacuated.  I spent a lot of time there over the years.  I wish I could send the rain and cool temperatures I am enjoying down there.  But all I can do is pray.  So I’m praying.

I know there are fires all over the state and the entire Western US, but as usual it’s the one that hits something I’m familiar with to really get my attention.  But with my attention had, I’m praying for all in the danger of fire.  And I’m praying for those in Florida who are dealing with almost the opposite problem, flooding.