I almost don’t want to write tonight.  I’m tired, cranky, and crabby, but I’ve had a wonderful day and I don’t want my current blechiness to distort the fact that today was really a good day.

My day started of abnormally early. That would be abnormally for this house, while many people I know think waking up at 7 is a luxury of sleeping in, I find it to be an evil hour.  I have never been a morning person, and I am ever thankful for a Calculus professor who never minded that I fell asleep during his 8 am class.  May I insert here that 8 am is a horrible hour for a math class?  One’s brain should be awake for formulas and computations.  Anyway, I was up at 7 this morning.  And I was all by myself.  I’m actually thankful for the little visitor I woke up for though.  If it were not for her, who knows how many times I would have hit the snooze and how late I would have slept in.  I was able to get up and get breakfast and do my personal Bible study before starting school with the kids.  Yep, we are back to school.  I don’t know how teachers and parents do the whole taking the summer off thing.  Over only two weeks off, my kids regressed immensely.  On the behavioral and being sloppy aspects, fortunately they had retained all previous learning.  Our poor, little visitor didn’t understand the concept of year-round school.  She was desperate to do the summer thing and play outdoors.  But we couldn’t go out until the boys finished their school work.  She waited patiently, and was finally rewarded.  Again, I must thank her here for sending me outside.  I was able to have fun and play in my garden as I watched her and Clara play.  I dead-headed my rose bush while I inhaled the intoxicating fragrance the remaining blooms gave off.  I am truly in love with that rose bush.  She is right now in all her glory, luxurious blooms abounding.  I will someday plant her sisters, someday.  I have big plans for my gardens, but not big time to spend in them.

So after all that and working out, why am I cranky instead of relishing in all my accomplishments of the day?  We’ll start with dinner.  I made spaghetti.  I love spaghetti, but today it went all wrong.  I bought a new brand of spaghetti, and instead of watching it and testing for doneness regularly, I just set the timer for the time it said on the box.  The box was way off and I got to eat mushy noodles.  Then the sauce, I forgot which flavor was horrid and bought that one.  I thought it was new until I tasted it and remembered I’d suffered through it before.  After that I was flat exhausted.  I could have fallen asleep for the night at 6.  Instead, I thought I’d try to get in one last big accomplishment for the day and make cupcakes.  I’m trying to create a recipe for a honey spice cupcake.  The last time I tried they were rather good, but missing something.  Tonight, they were rather awful.  At least with me not liking them I won’t eat as many, and that’s probably better for me in the long run.  Especially since I do want to at least try to be looking better when my husband returns in three months.  While hunger doesn’t affect my mood much, it just makes me tired, crappy food affects me very much.  I’d rather go without a meal than eat one that doesn’t live up to my expectations.  So now I’m quite cranky.  So I’m going to bed.  Tomorrow is another day, one in which if dinner sucks we’ll toss it and order pizza.