Okay, I’ve gotten used to the whole Pastor Kenny gives the sermon at church and I find at least one area in my life that needs some changing.  I’ve come to expect it now.  So I was quite prepared for the last sermon series, all preached by Kenny, to be life-changing.  And yes, I have found some things I need to look at differently, things I need to do differently, and things that need to change.  At the end of the three weeks though I was pretty happy.  Nothing too hard was going on.  Maybe uncomfortable, definitely some extra work, but all doable and all leading to eventual fun.  And this week Pastor Rod was back, beginning a new series on Jonah.  I could sit back, learn something new and work on the fun stuff from the previous weeks.

I know God laughs at me.  It’s okay, I get the joke, and I’d be laughing at my kids if they did the same things I do.  He was so laughing at me as I prepared for this morning.

The sermon wasn’t too bad.  Some ouches, some pricks, a lot of note taking because there were a lot of good things said.  But I was not prepared in the least for the challenge waiting for me in the envelope.  Not prepared in the least.

Some background before I get to what the challenge was.  This last week I have really seen how there are a few people for whom my heart is just not in the right place.  My thoughts and attitudes toward them are just all out of wack.  I can justify and give reasons why that’s okay, but in the past week I have seen how those reasons just fall short.  There is something wrong in my heart, and I need to get it right.  But I didn’t know how to do that.  I was thinking maybe I’d pray and God would just give me a right heart.  You know a magical transformation, all of a sudden, poof, my heart would be fixed.  Hahaha, I really should have know better.  I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.  During the sermon these people hit my mind with a vengeance.  Pastor Rod talked about Jonah escaping to Tarshish, a land where no one knew God.  He related that to modern life.  How when we are in sin we don’t want to hang with our Christian friends, who might shed light on our mess, so we hang with those people who won’t see our sin as sin.  I could relate, wanting to talk to someone who would help bash people, instead of wanting to talk to someone who would check my words.

60:7 challenge.  Pray for your Nineveh for sixty seconds a day for the next 7 days.  And not only that, do something for them.  By Nineveh Pastor Rod basically meant someone for whom your heart isn’t in the right place, sound familiar?  First off, I don’t want to pray for them, I want to pray about them.  Basically, I want to gossip with God and then ask Him to change my heart.  (Never said I had a smart plan on this one).  And then do something for them.  Really??

Ever heard the saying “be careful what you pray for, you just might get it”?  I think that totally applies to my day.