So today I prayed 60 seconds for my Nineveh.  I set the timer.  When I did it, I thought I really didn’t need it, I’d probably go over.  While shy, once I start talking it’s hard to get me to stop.  And sixty seconds is nothing.  Yeah, that’s what I thought, until I prayed all the praying for (as opposed to praying about) I could think of, checked the timer out of the corner of my eye, and saw I still had thirty seconds left.  I’ll admit it was hard today.  Especially since in the spirit of the challenge I was trying to be good.  Trying to just pray for them, and pray for God to do His will in their lives, instead of telling God all the things that I felt could fix some of their issues.  Can’t seem to fix my own life, but when it comes to everyone else, I seem to have all the answers.  So one day down, six more to go.

Today was a tough day to get through.  I don’t know exactly why, although I have some suspicions that my eating and sleeping habits of the previous week may have been contributing factors.  But I managed to slog through somehow.  I did some laundry, not enough, but we all have clean clothes to wear tomorrow.  The kids did their schoolwork.  Xavier with no complaints.  I’m still in shock over that one.  Clara with much exuberance and little direction following.  And getting her to follow directions is all I’m after for the next couple months.  Learning will happen much easier if we can get her to follow directions.  Sigh.  Austin did very well.  I made dinner.  That one needs to be celebrated a bit.  It was every so very tempting to head down to A&W and get some super yummy fast food.  But we needed to eat something more nutritious.  Plus, I want to save up our money for some other things right now.  Eating out was not a good option, and I know it wouldn’t really have made me feel more like getting through the evening.  I must say it was really, very tempting tonight though.  Right before I started dinner, Xavier got the mail, and I received a letter saying that I needed to resubmit my paperwork to the state showing I had insurance from the accident in November.  It’s really not a big deal, I did have insurance, I just need to refile some paperwork, this time making copies and sending it requiring signature upon receipt.  Which, honestly, I should have done in the first place.  Lesson learned.  I have plenty of time to get the paperwork in, and like I said, not so much a big deal.  But at the time it felt like a big, huge deal.  And I was sure cheese curds, root beer, and a turtle sundae would make me feel better.  I couldn’t very well go though, not after last Friday’s Celebrate Recovery, where we discussed how leaning on our own understanding lead to problems, and we need to rely on God.  So I prayed, and cooked dinner at home.  I was rewarded later on, by something that always makes me feel better.  Chase called.  He made me laugh, I got to hear him talk with the kids, and everything was better.  In all, today really was a success.  I didn’t get everything done, but I took care of what was really important.  Made better decisions.  And tomorrow is a fresh new day.  Here’s to tomorrow.