The gym Julie makes me go to on Sundays was closed today.  The gym being on the same side of base as Arctic Thunder probably has something to do with that.  So I’ve spent the day watching the Olympics.

I love watching the Olympics.  First, you get to see sports you never see other than at the Olympics.  Like the rowing sports.  I can’t remember the exact name of the water races I saw today, but they were fun to watch.  Very exciting.  And beach volleyball.  I love volleyball, and the best times I played were on smaller courts with one partner.  Volleyball in the gym with a crowed court just wasn’t as fun.  Now I was terrible, but it was so much fun, and watching reminds me of all the fun.  Plus, it’s also exciting.  A point given every serve.  Today I have also seen diving, swimming, and gymnastics.  The synchronized diving was amazing.  The team from the USA was amazing.  Then watching the swimming where swimmers not only won the medal, but beat the world record.  So cool.  I’ve been having so much fun watching all day.

Along with the sports, I also love watching the Olympic commercials.  People talk about Super Bowl commercials all the time, and they are very entertaining.  But Olympic commercials deserve notice for their inspirationalness.  They make me want to go out and conquer something, be a part of something bigger than myself, or help someone.  They are the best advertising television has to offer.

Except one commercial.  I’ve been over the Pebble controversy after being here about a month.  After a year and a half, over it doesn’t even describe my feelings.  As the anti-Pebble people are the ones still shoving it down my throat, I don’t even care about the facts any more I’m pro-Pebble mine.  There is no way that my opinion on it matters, it’s not like I’ll be voting on it or anything.  If my opinion counted for something I would do some actual research into the matter and make a more informed opinion.  But it doesn’t matter, so being over the commercials is reason enough to take a side for now.  And the anti-Pebble Olympic commercial has to be the most annoying yet.  The previous one comparing the “Pebble papers” to tax law and the health care bill was actually funny, and was making me less anti-Anti-Pebble.  This new commercial lost all ground they gained and then some.  With bad election commercials I can at least know it will end with the election.  After eighteen months I’m wondering if the Pebble controversy will ever end, or if I should just accept it as the price I pay for living in this amazing state.  For getting to live here I guess I can deal with the fact that people are very vocal about how to deal with the natural resources this state has to offer.

Okay, random side note.  I’m currently watching the gymnastics and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see uniforms of soldiers sitting in the audience.  I like to see soldiers being treated well, including those who wear the flag of the UK.  They are all heroes and should be treated as such.