I can’t believe how tired I am today.  Cheering on the USA in the Olympics is a tiring occupation.  It’s basically all I’ve done today.  I’ve managed to do some serious picking up during the commercials, and my knitting has been progressing rapidly.  But really, all I’ve done is watch the tv all day long, and cheer on during volleyball, water polo, swimming, diving, beach volleyball and white water kayaking.

The children have been less than amused that I have been occupying the new big screen tv downstairs, keeping them from the Wii, Netflix and PBS kids.  They really should not complain too much, I’ve decided that Olympics takes precedence over school work.  They only occur once every four years.  And in my world the Olympics are a big deal.  It’s the athletic competition, but it’s more.  It’s the world coming together and competing despite our differences.  It’s also the stories of the athletes.  It’s what they have overcome to get there.  I figure all of it can be cross-cultural learning as well as sports education.  They don’t see it my way.  They have quickly become bored with it all and are trying to entertain themselves with their top three amusements taken from them.

That was today, tonight, they are all about the Olympics.  They are dying to watch and see how the men’s gymnasts do.  Or maybe they are just trying to see if they can stay up a little later than normal.  Yeah, it’s probably that, but tonight I’ll let them play me.  It is the Olympics after all.