Tonight, I’m thinking long and hard about shoes. I am a girly-girl and I love shoes.

I was super excited when the snow finally melted and the ground dried up after the spring melt. It was time to take off the snow boots and slip into real shoes. I love my summer shoes, my favorites are open-toed ballet flats. Most of the shoes I own are ballet flats, allowing me to wear a different pair of shoes for any look or mood I have during the summer. However, while summer didn’t officially end until last week, up here in Alaska fall arrived at the beginning of the month. With occasional temperatures in the forties, socks became necessary. So I brought out the fashionable boots.
I have two pairs of pretty boots. One black, one brown. The black are chunky, late-90’s style, square toe, ankle high, and a chunky heel. I love them ever so very much. They make me feel stylish and cool. The brown are sexy, hugging the leg nearly up to the knee, narrow-footed, and a wedge heel. They make me feel classy and fashionable.
In the past couple years, I haven’t worn those boots often. I’ve had small kids to run after and heels put me at a disadvantage. However, as my youngest is growing, I’ve been able to get back into fashion. Hoop earrings and necklaces will no longer be pulled and yanked. I can nearly touch the day I can use a purse too small for an emergency change of clothes. My children now listen, I don’t have to run after them. I thought bringing back the heel could be part of my entry back into fashionable society.
Today, I’ve been trying to figure out why my back chose this week to be in massive amounts of pain. I’ve had back pain since my being pregnant with my second child. It’s normal for me. So, on Tuesday, when my back twinged, I sighed and took my Ibuprofen. On Wednesday, I groaned. Today, when I couldn’t walk without tears, I broke down and called the doctor. Turns out my right leg is shorter than my left. (Take that doctor that told me my back pain was muscle fatigue and would go away, no need to come back if it didn’t go away because he knew it would eventually disappear.) That still doesn’t explain why my back chose this week to decided it had had enough of compensating. Hmm, then I thought about my footwear. My beautiful, amazing boots, with cool heels.
I just had to get rid of one of my favorite shirts. It was a baby-doll tee. People kept asking when the baby was due. Four years ago, thanks. And now I may have to rid myself of my most favoritest shoes. Sigh. I guess I’d rather be able to walk than wear my boots. I guess, I’ll just have to do what I did when I dumped the shirt. Go shopping for replacements. Just as soon as I can walk.