Here is another retro post. 


Today was Goodbye day.  We went to church for the last time and had our last home group at our house tonight.  I’m sad to be leaving, but it’s not as emotional experience as I expected it to be.  I love our church here and would recommend it to anyone.  Great church with great people.  I am gonna miss all of them.  But I am so excited about what’s coming that there is not as much room for melancholy as I had expected to feel.  And thanks to technology, I should be able to keep in touch with many of those wonderful people.  This is the second Goodbye Day I have had in the past year and I’ve been struck by the many differences.  In April we were running away, actually, it was more like fleeing.  We couldn’t leave fast enough.  Now we are running to.  What a difference.  Chase never looked forward to SCCC, sorry to any signal buffs reading this, but Chase never loved Signal or computers, but it was an out.  Chase’s new job is as perfect for him as I can imagine a job to be, he’s made for Public Affairs.  It’s also amazing how the attitudes of those around you can make all the difference in the world.  I don’t know if it’s because the people didn’t know us as long so they don’t mind our going as much, or the people here get military better, or if they are just plain, old excited with us, or what.  Even though everyone in our former state knew how miserable we were, we kept hearing that we should have stayed, did we have to leave, or, my personal favorite, that God would bring us back there.  Here everyone expressed that while they would miss us, they were excited for us.  That made the goodbye so much easier.  I didn’t have to apologize for leaving, or explain that I really felt that God was telling me that it’s time to move on.  I just got to express my gratitude for everyone’s friendship, say I’d miss them, and remind everyone that for three years they have a place to stay in one of America’s top vacation destinations (at least according to me).


I got a card today from a friend and what it says means so very much to me.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Life is-well-life.  It is what it is.

What makes it interesting is our reaction to it.

Sometimes we just have to “wing it,”

cast our eyes to the horizon,

and sail on the jet stream of faith-

secure in the knowledge that

although we may feel a little helpless,

things will turn out as they should.


I fly beside you in spirit-

cheering you on

and on

and on.


Joyce Heuman and Linda Leary Collection by Blue Mountain Arts.


I love the last part.  I love feeling encouraged to move on to the next adventure.  I love knowing that my friends will be there with me, if not in person in spirit.


My final thought for today.  When God says it’s time for someone to move on, let go.  If you are meant to see each other again on this earth, He is big enough to make it happen.  And if not, we will all be part of a glorious reunion in heaven (just make sure you’ve made your reservation).