Let me start off with a great big wahhh.  My back still hurst, wahhh.  The Norther Lights were out last week and I missed it because I couldn’t even walk down the stairs, wahhh.  My husband will be home soon and I struggling with normal cleaning, much less welcome home make it look like I’ve suddenly turned into Martha Stewart housecleaning, wahh.  I don’t like pain, wahhh.

That has been my last week.  I’ve been trying to do as little as possible to let my back heal.  Today, however I got fed up.  Reading about the link between lower back pain and depression on Web MD, probably helped me get just that much more fed up.  Not sure that depression caused my pain, but I could tell that trying to baby my back was making me cranky, whiny, and discontent.  So the part that said back pain could lead to depression struck a chord.  After a week of trying to let myself heal, I decided to give up.  Today, I woke up and got to work.  At least until I got to the point I couldn’t stand anymore, and then I gave myself permission to take breaks.  I’ll admit that my back currently hurts way worse than it has in several days.  But I’m not tired and cranky, only a little whiny, and no longer discontent.  I feel like I’ve earned every bit of the pain that I feel.

So while I started off with a wahhh, that’s not really how I feel today.  Feel ow for sure, but I also feel good.