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Oi, today has an adventure.  It’s what I’ve asked for so I ain’t complaining (too much).  I am just tired.

I just experienced the best day two of packing I’ve ever had.  And I’ve learned some lessons on how moving ought go as opposed to most of the lessons I’ve had in how moving should definitely not go. One, the packers should pack a full room at a time instead of moving from room to room so that it looks like they’ve mostly packed several rooms, but at the end of the day you realize that no room is finished and some are only barely started and every room is a mess and you can’t do much of anything.  Yep, before they move to another room the room being packed should be ready to load on the truck. They have an easier time doing this if you have removed all the stuff you will be needing for the move out of the room before they start.  Second, if doing a multi-day move, have the people who load the truck come on the second day. The house becomes much more livable with all the boxes removed from the house and you can begin cleaning with  furniture and boxes out of the picture.  Third, if you have kids, find someone to watch them during the packing/loading process. Fourth, when you see that the person you love is reaching extreme levels of stress, reassure him; he should return the favor.


I could start my stories from the day with the one about Chase’s cold-weather parka, but because I love him, I’ll be good.


The kids were with us today.  They did pretty good considering.  The morning before Chase returned from clearing post was tough.  It was cold outside, most of their stuff was packed (in boxes and in bags that wouldn’t allow them to get into because I didn’t want them to get mixed in with everything else and packed in boxes), they had to stay out of the way of the packers, and by golly, their world was just turned upside down.  I felt for them.  I spent the whole morning with a Clara on my hip.  When Chase got home, we ate lunch and then I went to him and begged from an excuse to leave.  I did better than the last move when on the second day I went to him and said “Honey, the kids and I are out, we can’t be here.  I’m off, see you tonight.”  Yes, I really bailed on him.  I have a lot of excuses, Clara created more work than I could do, I was tired from staying up till somewhere between 2 and 4 in the morning cleaning an oven the housing inspector didn’t even look at, or I was just generally stressed.  But I bailed, leaving Chase to clean the house and baby-sit the movers (and those movers did need babysitting, the movers this time have done a great job of getting the job done).  I’m trying to be a better partner and I’m doing my best not leave all of that on Chase again.  So today, I ran errands that I knew Chase needed ran.  It was better for him to be at the house, he had more of an idea what needed to be grabbed before the movers packed it.  And I could take the little people with me. I will admit to having the urge to call Chase and tell him he’d see me in a couple hours and we’d go see Tangled, but I didn’t give it a second thought.  When Chase told me he had another errand for me to run I did do a happy dance.


I will admit that the first errand I ran was a total bust.  We wanted to touch up the paint in a few areas, you know, the spot where lots of cleaning had rubbed the paint off the spot where Clara liked to rub against when she had a loaded diaper, good times.  Don’t forget the walls she decided were too boring and drew some masterpieces. Well, no one knew what the paint color for our house was.  The landlord didn’t know, the builder must have had better things to do than return our calls, and the neighbors we asked couldn’t tell us either. Finally, we got a lead.  The guy who came after we moved in and touched up the paint way back then thought it was macadamia, but if we went to the paint store the builder’s used they kept the paint colors on file.  The paint store confirmed, macadamia.  Big, fat wrong.  I thought it looked off, but my ability to match colors is suspect, and everyone seemed to believe this was the color.  My instincts were right, it was not macadamia.  After Chase had painted a square foot of wall and let it dry just in case it might really be the right color we called the paint store.  They said we could bring in a sample and they would match the color for us.  Chase ran to a neighbor’s house to ask for a razor to scrape some paint.  It happened to be the one neighbor we didn’t ask about paint colors. Turns out he didn’t just know what the color was, khaki, he had some extra paint we could use.  Thank God for a happy ending to that story.


By 3:30 our house was 99% packed, they left our bed for us to sleep in, and I’d guess at least 70% loaded.  We are so far ahead.  Chase’s frugal side was telling him that we should stay at home and eat what is left in our fridge.  I’m so glad we listened to the side of me that said we all needed to go out to eat for dinner.  At 3:30 we were all exhausted and cranky and while we knew we were ahead of schedule, we were stressing over what still needed to be done.  After a long dinner we were all laughing and ready to keep doing what had to be done.


What had to be done included buying a car top carrier for our upcoming trip.  Those 5+ bags I packed weren’t going to fit in the van with 5 people and a dog.  We needed extra room.  Now, I am married to a do it yourself if you can guy.  He changes the oil himself, replaced the light bulb that went out in the van, etc.  However, somethings while do it yourself, need more than one person. This had led me to many projects that leave me thinking “and this is why sane people pay other people to do these things.”  Replacing the handles in the van doors was one of those. Today, I had another one of those, it was my adventure for the day.  I helped install the carrier.  Not too sure how we did, as we couldn’t drive faster than 50 on the drive home because the thing was bouncing so wildly it hit our sunroof. (Nothing was damaged.)  It could be that we need weight to keep the thing in check, it could be a design flaw, it could be a few other things that I don’t know enough about the things to know what’s wrong, or it could be installation error.  We will find out before we start our long trip.  We are not crawling at 50 all the way to Bellingham, WA.


So that’s been my day.  I should finish packing Chase’s stuff, but my back is twinging and I’m tired.  I’m thinking bath and bed.