Another post from the past.  Thinking about leaving our last house makes me think about how much I will hate to leave here.  But here has been so wonderful, I know that our next post will be great. 


Can I just start by saying that I have the best husband ever?  He is so supportive of me.  He’s so supportive of me writing this.  Yesterday, after all our stuff was packed and we were done with moving stuff for the day he tells me that I can use the laptop for writing my notes, I don’t have to worry about using my I-Pod.  Not that there was any reason that I couldn’t use it, I just wasn’t thinking about it.  It was also out of the blue, he was just making sure that I would be able to do my thing and with as much ease as possible.  Tonight, he got off the computer so that I could write.  I think that is so cool.  He’s also wonderful because he’s totally down with me hanging at the hotel with the kids while he and Amber clean.  Not that this isn’t the best idea, at the house I would be spending the whole time keeping Clara from making more messes, but it’s still cool that he’s so cool with it.


All but a few things Chase will pack in the van tomorrow are out of the house.  I all but sobbed as we walked out of the house tonight.  It was probably the last time I will see that house.  We had some good times there.  Looking at the back door I could see my tree.  What made that tree special?  It’s the first real tree I set up without an “expert” (meaning my dad or Chase) there.  I had Xavier because as I learned setting up a tree is a two man job.  It was also the biggest tree we’ve ever had.  I had to stand on the step ladder to do the lights and the angel.  Looking up at the catwalk I could almost see little legs hanging over it.  I can remember the mornings I thought I was up before the kids and I was doing stuff on the computer, but though I couldn’t hear a thing I just had this feeling I wasn’t alone.  I’d turn around and there would be Austin.  We had a short time there, but it was a good time.  We had so much fun.  It was also my last goodbye for this town.  My time in here really is over.  This was a great summer.  But as much as I will miss it, I am ready to move on.  This has been a vacation, but I’m ready to get back into things.  I’m ready for Chase to have a unit and for me to be a part of the FRG.  It’s time to be involved in a church for the long haul.  It’s time to make friends that I know I can return the favors they do for me, I won’t be leaving before they can cash in their IOUs.  I have to admit, I am leaving in debt to many neighbors and friends for bailing me out when I needed it.


I’m so tired I honestly don’t know what else to say.  I know there is much more to say, but my brain has checked out.  I also need to help my daughter find rest.  It will be found, she will learn to deal with sleeping in a hotel room quickly because this will be a long trip if she doesn’t.