I have been excited about today for a long time.  Right now I am working to stop seeing the upsets and see today as still a very fun and exciting day.

The Dream:  Knowing that Chase would most likely be home today I bought matinée tickets to see Shrek the Musical.  I knew the whole family would love seeing it.  The matinée time was perfect, we could go to first service at church, eat a quick lunch, see the show, have a dinner someplace nice downtown and be home and in bed at a decent hour for Chase to work on Monday and the kids and I to do school Monday morning.

The first road block:  Impact Eagle River.  So I love Impact Eagle River, I think it’s awesome that our church is up for closing the church doors and going out taking care of the community.  However, the announcement for which Sunday Impact Eagle River would be wasn’t until after I had my tickets.  I decided no problem.  I’d wait for Chase to get home, then we would choose a project we could do as a family and possibly leave a bit early to prepare for the show.  No big deal.

The second road block:  Someone in their infinite wisdom decided that the weekend would be the perfect time to reverse DTS.  I know scheduling this can be a big, hairy mess, there are regulations and several moving parts, and blah blah blah.  I’ve sat with a commander trying to figure out how to do what needs to be done and respect the need for soldiers to spend time with their families.  It’s messy.  I wasn’t there this time, so I don’t really know what went down.  However, as I see things, I’m not overly sure how family fit into the picture.  The days the men were completely given off were weekdays.  Days that children would have to go to school, and most working wives would have to work.  The first couple days off, were days off for everyone, but the guys had to go on base to sign in, that’s not really a day off.  So then when they were able to have a complete day to themselves, it was really a day to themselves.  Who knows, maybe some men like it better that way.  Then we get to the weekend, when families could really spend time together.  That’s when the soldiers have to go back to work.  And people in high places wonder why the Army is so hard on families.  Let me tell you, as a family member, I feel like family is priority last right now.  Yeah, my family dynamic is different from most families.  We have been able to be flexible.  Homeschooling, we were able to take the week off and just have Daddy time.  Homeschooling, I work from home and make my own hours, so I was able to enjoy my husband.  My biggest complaint is that my husband could no longer participate in Impact Eagle River and we had to get new Shrek tickets.  This road block more pisses me off for everyone else.  Everyone out there living the lifestyle that feels like it’s being pushed on us, especially here.  Put your kids in school because they need the socialization.  Too young for school, put them in a CDC, anything but keep them at home.  Go get a job because you need your own identity. Of course, if you don’t need the money from a job, you need to volunteer and still have a full schedule.    Someone seems to have forgotten that in a world where you move every couple of years and only family is constant, family needs to be a value that is appreciated. Yet, we will wonder why the Army divorce rate is high and why military children tend to have issues.

Road block number 3:  So I’d been wondering to head off to church in the early morning hours (okay, nine but still earlier than Chase would have to be leaving for work), or spend time with my husband in the morning.  A late night upset tummy answered that question for me.  I will be spending my day taking it easy hoping and praying that whatever came is gone for good so that I can enjoy the evening performance of Shrek.

From the dream we now have reality.  A day spent working hard to not be sick.  Possibly no time for going out to dinner, and eating leftovers.  And the last show of Shrek.  I’m not as worried about the lateness of the hour, but I am remembering how the last showing of a show went in college.  I’m hoping that a professional company would have more…well…professionalism.  But lingering doubt has me remembering one of the directors saying it’s how show business is done.

Okay, real reality.  It’s a beautiful day.  The sun is shining and the ground is covered in snow.  I have all day to make my self look like I’m going to the theater.  If today is like yesterday, we should at least have time to meet Chase somewhere for fast food before going to the show.  And I get to go see an awesome show.  Sounds like a dream of a day after all.