It’s time for another “old” post.


Almost done in this state, this time tomorrow we will be in another state hanging with friends. Or if all of us show our age, we will be in bed after having had a great time with old friends.  We just have to get through tomorrow morning first.

I really feel for Chase today.  Moving is tough business and he’s bearing the brunt of it.  My day was easy.  I slept in. Don’t know if you’d call it sleeping in or a mid-morning nap after the early morning I had.  Clara woke up at 3:30 and didn’t fall back asleep until 6.  As we aren’t home and Clara doesn’t have a section of the house all to herself I stayed with her to keep her quiet so that 2 people didn’t get any sleep as opposed to 5.  Then at 8:30 the dog was desperate to go out, and I woke Clara up trying to find the room key.  I crawled back into bed at 9:10 and did the best I could to get some sleep as my vision was blurry from sleepiness. It was a tough job as Clara has learned to open doors in the past 2 weeks and kept running into my room and crawling into bed with me.  At 10, I was finally awake enough to function so I gave up on the idea of real rest.  Hopefully, I can find some tonight.  I got to play in the pool and take a walk on the river walk with my kidos.  It really was an easy day.  Chase had to finish clearing and cleaning the house.  I felt really bad when he called around 4 letting me know that he was still hitting it.  We got so much work done yesterday, but as Chase told me the more square feet you have to clean the longer it takes.  And we wanted to do a super good job.  Our landlords have been good to us, and they are in Anchorage.  To me that’s a big one, I’d like them to be friends, so we’re trying to treat them as such before we get there.  Inspection is tomorrow. The inspector is a good guy and I wouldn’t expect a hassle from him unless we damaged something, and with the cleaning Chase did I can’t imagine it going any way but well.  At 6 I called him, just to check up.  At that point I was feeling so bad, I wanted to be there helping. Although, I remind myself with my kids, keeping them from making the job more difficult is helping.  But I also knew I got to rest and relax today and Chase spend the day working his behind off.  Fortunately, at 6 he and Amber had finished and she had even prayed with him before heading home to be with her family.  Got to love friends who take the time to have a last moment of prayer.  Now he’s totally exhausted from the day he has and there is still stress about tomorrow.  We have to pick up the car. It had work that we wanted to get done before we left, and it was ready days ago when we had time to pick it up, but the guy who did the work didn’t call and let us know that.  So now, when we don’t have time we have to make time.  Plus, we have our house inspection, not a big deal, but there’s always that feeling inside that something could go wrong, can’t imagine what, but it’s still there.  Then there’s the carrier.  Don’t think the issue is installation error, but instead the bars on the van are too flexible and are bouncing with the carrier as air flows underneath.  I’m having Bernoulli flashbacks when I think about that one.  We really need to fix the issue though because the  carrier trying to keep our speed down will only cause tensions to rise and stress to escalate.  He’s researching that now.  Plus, there’s the huge issue of making it to Atlanta on time.  We need to get the car to the shipping place in time or wait until Monday.  Chase had been saying if we couldn’t leave here by noon, we might as well not leave till Monday, but we have plans with friends tomorrow night.  And we can’t cancel, the bum will be coming on over to see us.  As this is a rare occurrence can’t miss it.  And of course, I want to get on the road.  I am so excited.  I don’t think I am as good as helping Chase relax as he is for me though.  He just says the word and my blood pressure starts coming down.  I’ve been trying and his is only seeming to rise.  I wish I could do more, but all I can do is love him and keep the kids in check.

Well, I’m off to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska reruns and do my best to show love to Chase.