Like me, my husband has always felt he has something to say.  Unlike me, he has been pursuing that passion since the day we met. While I longed to write, I disliked being told what to write and how to do so, and became a math major so I could write as little as possible.  Plus, I really like math.  My husband on the other hand was a communications major, learning from the start how to present and get his point across.  Since then he has pursued a career in Army public affairs and continued his education further honing his craft.  The only problem with his current  job is that he is telling the Army’s story and not his own.  He does it well, and I brag on him often.  However, his voice was yet to be heard by the general public.

I got my time in the sun and a chance to tell my story.  That opportunity was due to my husband believing in me and helping me to see my dreams come true.  The irony that the opportunity fell into my lap, I who did nothing to prepare myself for the chance, and not his was never lost on me.

In his recent pursuit of further communication education, my husband has been in the presence of instructors who are pushing him to succeed in new levels.  How he can brand himself, and how he can get his own voice out into the world.  This led him to a personal pursuit of publishing op-eds.

So now I have two sides at war: the side that wants to be supportive of my husband, and the side that relates to the character of Jo Schirra from Astronaut Wives Club.  The Jo side says don’t do anything to rock the boat, do nothing that could remotely disgrace the Navy, or Army in my case.  Not that Chase would do anything to disgrace the Army, but perceptions can be tricky. This risk-adverse side would rather not discover where a general’s line might be the hard way.  Both sides know that my husband is very talented and would do well at this new endeavor.  It didn’t take long for me to decide which side I would plant my flag on.  I really do want my husband to pursue his passions.  If this was his way to be heard and make a name for himself, I was behind him one hundred percent.  I decided to let him be him and God be God.  I didn’t need to control possible outcomes; that is God’s job.  If my husband was going down a road he felt God was leading him on, I would trust both of them.

That was before his op-ed got picked up by the Baltimore Sun and within 24-hours of being published online was linked to the Drudge Report.  It hadn’t even hit the newsstands yet.  This would be seen. Suddenly there was very little chance that those above him would remain oblivious to his name being out in the world attached to his thoughts.

But nothing has changed, not really.  The op-ed was well-written and thoughtful, probably why it was published in the first place.  Nothing he said was controversial, though there are those who will pull controversy out of it because it is in their nature.  There is not a single thing that someone could fault him for.  Plus, God is still in control; it is all still in His hands, and He knows what He is doing.

I am proud of my husband and am excited that the world it getting to read what he has to say.  I eagerly anticipate what is yet to come.