I’m a resolutions kind of a gal.  Most January firsts, I have a long list of all the changes I want to make to make my life more like the one I want to live. Every birthday that comes along, I know just what needs to be done to make the next year a better one.  I have even been known to make September school is starting resolutions.

I am not known to be the best keeper of resolutions.  If I were good at keeping them, the list would not be so long every year.  Many of my resolutions keep coming back each year. This time I will keep Mount Laundry from appearing in my closet.  Okay, I did solve that one; Laundry Mountain now grows on the pile of containers at the foot of my bed, not my closet.  This year, I will lose weight.  This year will be the year I get committed to writing, or playing piano, or whatever, and usually a combination of many.

I like the resolution I made as I started this blog though.  To look at life as an adventure.  Even though I’m not physically in Alaska any more I can keep my heart there.  I need to remember the lessons Alaska taught me-lessons about myself, about trying new things, about what being a Christian really means.  I also need to keep myself open to learning new lessons in the same way I was open in Alaska.

I do have a new resolution for this year though.  This year I resolve to keep trying.  I will keep trying to be healthier.  I will keep trying to exercise more.  I will keep trying to write more often.  I will keep trying to write a book.  I will keep trying to organize my house.  I will keep trying to be a better mom and wife.  I will keep trying to learn more.  For all the good resolutions I have made over my life time, I am going to keep trying at them.

I know at this point many are quoting Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.”  While I love that green puppet, he is full of baloney.  Try is moving from not able to do to doing.  When I started exercising I could not skin the cat.  I simply did not have the ability. But I tried.  And I failed. I kept trying until one day, I did.  If it were not for try, I would be stuck in a world of do not.

So I am going to try.  And I know that I am going to fail.  Knowing me, I will fail a lot.  But I will keep trying, and someday my trying will be doing.

I also know that many of my resolutions have no end.  That’s okay too.  For those my doing will simply be to do better every day or week or month.  What I really want for this year is for there to be noticeable progress.